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“Practical advice which covers all aspects of workshop organisation and presentation.”

Deirdre Bowman, (Secretary, Wollongong Handweavers and Spinners Inc.)


“This well written and easy-to-use guide on running your own workshop is an asset for the beginner or the experienced arts facilitator. It is exceptionally useful and would be great in the library of any art society. I also look forward to using it as I diversify in my own private practice.”

Jeanette Riley (President Shellharbour City Arts Society Inc.)


“So much excellent information! So easy to follow! I am impressed! Rie is an exceptional planner and you can see how much is packed into this book just from the contents page!”

Robynn Ross (textile artist)

Share Your Skills: The Ultimate Guide to Running an Art or Craft Workshop              



–You are an artist or a craft practitioner who is excellent at what you do!


–You want to pass on your skills and maybe supplement your income with workshops.


–Maybe you already run workshops but want to make them run more smoothly and successfully?

This practical book takes you step by step through everything you need to know: 
From the benefits of running workshops to what to do before, during and after.


It also covers: students’ learning styles and the business side of running workshops, and has a massive section of resources: checklists, emails and handouts. 

It is absolutely the Ultimate Guide to running an art or craft workshop! 


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