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I’m Dr Rie Natalenko.


I’ve recorded memories, taught others to record their memories, and trained people to help other people achieve this, since 1995.


I’ve contributed to many oral history projects as a writer in the community, taught writing and digital media at High Schools, College and University, as well as in Community organisations. I’ve taught memoir writing to older people, and have coached students in how to gather the stories of others.


When four of my friends lost loved parents this year, I realised how close “time’s winged chariot” was flying to all of us.


Once a loved one’s memories are lost, they are gone forever.


When I was chatting with a close friend whose mother was sick, I suggested that she record some of her mum’s memories.

            “How do I do that?” she asked. It was that which spurred me on to write The Family Memory Project book and to put together The Family Memory Kit.


It is so important to connect with your aging relatives and

capture those memories while there is still time.

The Family Memory Project book (and The Family Memory Kit)

can help everyone to achieve this.


This sort of project brings families together,

it heals wounds,

it brings peace,

and it gives families a legacy that they wouldn’t otherwise have.


It is, for me, a small way of doing good in the world.


Dr Rie Natalenko

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