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The Family Message Book


This book is your message to your family.


It contains all the things they need to know if you should pass away.





“This would make life so much easier for the family members left behind. 

So many people do not know where to start looking for information and many of them are not comfortable going through the personal papers of a parent of friend. 

This book not only puts all the information in one place, it also relieves them of the burden of going through a loved one's personal effects when they don't feel ready or able.”

Jacqueline Slater, NSW, funeral celebrant


This would be a great guide for us all.

Robyn Ross, NSW


It's a really useful book, with practical, easy to follow instructions. It will make life so much less complicated for families and loved ones in the event of the death of someone close them.

Margaret W, QLD



“Everybody needs to do this”

Anne Montgomery, California

$ 25



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