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The Family Memory Resources  

Last updated November 2014


If you find that you need any resources that are not listed anywhere on this page, please ask.

The Family Memory
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Digitising photos

This is similar to the scanner that I use. You can get much more expensive ones which probably do a better job, but this was adequate for my purposes.

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Index Template


Photographic release form


Photo Log


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Questions and Triggers


Story structure


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Here are some great resource websites for gathering family memories:

Tales to Treasure specialises in capturing family histories, recording memories and creating beautiful memoir books. Based in the Illawarra, Australia, Tales to Treasure works with families to record stories and memories. By creating a lasting record, current and future generations can read these stories and learn about their parents, grandparents, great grandparents. Visit to find out more.

References and links


Useful books, ebooks, websites and blogs


Family History Products

This site helps you to write an autobiography or life stories, and preserve family history with family history software and other cool technology.





These are my parent's memoirs.

You are welcome to download them and read them!

This is the website that Billy Marshall Stoneking created to record his own memories.

Saving Memories Forever TM, a website and an app,  is a great system that helps anyone to record, save, and share family stories. The system consists of a smartphone app and a website. The app provides an easy, mobile method of recording and uploading family stories wherever you are.  Uploaded stories are immediately available to invited listeners.  You can use the system to record your parent's stories or your own stories. You can document your children as they grow up. Each story can include pictures and text files for easy organization and access. Once a story is recorded, it will be there for generations to enjoy!

Writing an Autobiography, Life Stories, and Journal Writing Ideas...

Preserve Family History with Family History Software and other Cool Technologies.

Check out the great done-for-you services on this website!

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