The Family Memory Kit
Takes you step-by-step through the process of collecting your relative's memories.
Shows you how easy and rewarding it can be.
5 DVDs plus a workbook
The Purpose
The Process
Putting it together

The Family Memory Kit (Download)

  • The Family Memory Kit
    is a step-by-step video program with a super-easy workbook, that will allow you to:

    Connect with your relative
    Overcome their objections (if they have any)
    Record their memories a few at a time
    Put those memories together
    Get them to the family in a simple, yet interesting way.

    You will be recording memories FAST, EASILY and in the most efficient way possible. You will see how simple it is, and how you can achieve results immediately.

    The first DVD of the five-DVD set looks at the PURPOSE of the project, the reasons why you should undertake it, and how to overcome any objections people might come up against. Then the other four DVDs take you through:

    The Process
    Putting it together